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Has Johnny Depp a Crush on Eva Green?

Vanessa Paradis / Eva Green

Every tabloid has been written about Johnny Deep‘s relationship to Vanessa Paradis being on rocks. He’s drinking, he’s not spending enough time with the family and now he might have a crush on his costar Eva Green.
“Vanessa is afraid that Johnny has fallen head over heels for Eva. Like Vanessa, Eva is a French actress and model, and Vanessa senses that she’s exactly Johnny’s type. Friends have even remarked that Eva looks like a younger Vanessa. Johnny has brushed off Vanessa’s fears, but it’s caused so much tension that rumors are flying they’re about to split up”, one source told the Enquirer.
It looks like Vanessa insisted for her younger sister Alysson to get the Dark Shadows role. But Johnny preferred Eva. That drove Vanessa crazy especially because he  personally had her audition and they ended up as friends.

Best known for her role in 2003′ ‘The Dreamers’ role, 31-year-old Eva is a BAFTA winner. She also starred in ‘Casino Royale’. As for her personal life. Eva used to date New Zealand actor, Marton Csokas, but they split in 2009.

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blasted1 said on

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Well, those "friends" must be blind or something. Eva Green doesn't look a thing like Mademoiselle Paradis. For one thing, Green is an acknowledged beauty. Paradis needs all kinds of lighting and stylists not to look like a complete fright. I saw where she was voted the world's ugliest pop star. Be all that as it may, nothing lasts forever and they had 2 great kids and they should be doing right by them.

karojen said on

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

I think that IF Vanessa is so jealous that she is creating a self fufilling prophesy. Sadly, Vanessa is hitting 40 and although Johnny is almost 50, age doesn't mean much to men, and especially one as young looking as Johnny. It's possible he is looking for a younger and more exciting girlfriend. If that's the case, there is really nothing Vanessa can do except bow out gracefully and remain being a great mother and a great talent in her own right. They aren't married, even though they have the deeper commitment of having two children together. It's very sad if their relationship is on the rocks. I read that they are fighting constantly. Of course no one knows for sure but them. All of the rumour and gossip mean nothing. I do not think that being single is good for Johnny at all. I've been a huge fan since he was in Platoon, but I do not care for his behavior when he is constantly drinking and partying and doing drugs. I really hope he can control his actions better than he did before Vanessa.

EvaFan said on

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Who wouldn't fall for Eva Green? Especially after in Dark Shadows, she was amazing as Angelique. I knew her since Casino Royale, but i fell in love with her in Dark Shadows. Overall, she's a perfect woman and a great actress.

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