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Halle Berry Related to Sarah Palin

Halle Berry Sarah Palin related

Halle Berry Sarah Palin related in some twisted way

Halle Berry is related ti Sarah Palin. The 46-year-old ‘Cloud Atlas’ actress made the confession during an interview with Extra’s Jerry Penaoli.

“You wanna know who I’m related to? Sarah Palin!” she said.

Berry didn’t specify how she was related to the former Republican vice presidential candidate. “In some twisted way…somebody sent me this information that she was my distant [relative]“, the actress added.

Berry’s ‘Cloud Atlas’ co-star Tom Hanks is a third cousin, four generations removed, of Abraham Lincoln. “I’m related to Abraham Lincoln, and the members of my branch of the family are either cousins or in-laws or poor relations. So when I was at school, guess which president I was always doing essays on”, he once said.

The actor made a joke about Berry’s connection to Palin. “This is the Cloud Atlas continuum without a doubt. I’m telling you, the connections that go through! It doesn’t matter who, what race, where, what time”, he said. ‘Cloud Atlas’ opens October 26.

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