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Grant Bowler Plays Richard Burton

Grant Bowler and Richard Burton

Grant Bowler plays Richard Burton

Lindsay Lohan has found her Richard Burton for the upcoming ‘Liz and Dick’. Grant Bowler has signed on to play Richard Burton, the love of Elizabeth Taylor’s life. The two were married and divorced twice.

43-year-old Bowler has appeared on ‘True Blood’,'GCB’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Ugly Betty’. He is 18 years older than Lindsay Lohan. But that’s just normal for his role.

“Richard Burton was quite older than Elizabeth Taylor. This is from a visual point of view just about equal to Liz and Dick. Visually speaking it is a perfect match”, ‘Liz and Dick’ producer Larry Thompson told E! News.

Liz and Dick met on the set of ‘Cleopatra‘ and were first married in 1964. They divorced in 1974, only to tie the knot once again one year later. They finally split in 1976. Dick died in 1984 from a cerebral hemorrhage, while Liz died in March 2011.

The actors who will Play Liz and Dick (meaning Lohan and Bowler) met for the first time on Thursday, May 24. “This morning we had Lindsay and Grant come into a room at Lifetime and the chemistry exploded. It was just Fourth of July firecrackers going off in the room. We knew from the chemistry that Liz and Dick live again”, Thompson told E! News.
Shooting for the film begins June 4.

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