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Gerard Depardieu Looks Unrecognizable

Gerard Depardieu look

Gerard Depardieu look then and now

We always loved Gerard Depardieu. Somehow he used to be an attractive man. Not very handsome, but there was something about him that made you like him. Maybe because he looked like a man from the woods, very wild, yet classy.

Yes, that’s it. He seemed like a wild man who wanted to be tamed. This attitude made him look left handed like all things seemed too small in his big hands. Because he has indeed big hands. But he was hot!

And he’s accent. Gerard starred in many English movies and his accent is awesome. During one interview in early 2012, the actor confessed that he didn’t like his country very much.

But that was 35 years ago. Gerard melt our hearts with his role in ‘My Father The Hero‘ where he played opposite a young Katherine Heigl.

Now he’s a far cry from the image of the actor we have in our heads. The 63-year-old actor is barely recognizable. The actor was seen at ‘Asterix et Obelix: Au service de Sa Majeste’ in Paris on September 30. Amazing change! He has gained very much weight (very very much) and he looks kind of old.

Gerard won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in ‘Green Card’. He was nominated for an Academy Award for the title role in ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’.

In 1970, Depardieu married Elisabeth Guignot, with whom he had two children Guillaume (who died in 2008) and Julie.  While separated from Elisabeth, he had a daughter, Roxanne, with the model Karine Sylla. In 1996 he divorced Elisabeth and began a relationship with actress Carole Bouquet, who was his partner from 1997 to 2005. In 2006, he had a son, Jean, with French-Cambodian Helene Bizot. Since 2005, Depardieu has lived with a Harvard-educated novelist, Clementine Igou.

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