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George Bush Sr. Is in Intensive Care Unit

George Bush Sr put in intensive care unit

George Bush Sr put in intensive care unit

President George H.W. Bush is not feeling too well. The U.S. former president was hospitalized last month, but his condition worsened. He has been in intensive care since Sunday, December 23. According to TMZ, people connected to Bush are “cautiously optimistic” about his recovery. Bush was hospitalized in November due to a bronchitis-like cough. The 88-year-old former president has remained hospitalized since.

Bush suffers from a condition called vascular Parkinsonism. He described the illness as a kind of leg paralysis where “you tell your legs to move, and they don’t move”.

It’s unclear if his old condition is related to his current hospitalization. One thing is for sure: his fever has gone up in the last few days.

Earlier on Wednesday, December 26, Jim McGrath, Bush’s spokesman in Houston said the fever that kept Bush in the hospital over Christmas had gotten worse. The doctors had put him on a liquids-only diet.

“It’s an elevated fever, so it’s actually gone up in the last day or two. It’s a stubborn fever that won’t go away”, McGrath told the Associated Press.  He added that the cough that initially brought Bush to the hospital has improved.

Bush was visited on Christmas Day by his wife, Barbara, his son, Neil, and Neil’s wife, Maria, and a grandson. The former president has also been visited twice by his sons, George W Bush, the 43rd president, and Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida.

George H.W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States. He was a president between 1989–1993. He is the father of U.S.’ 41th President George W. Bush. Bush was preceded by Ronald Regan and succeeded by Bill Clinton.

George Bush married Barbara Pierce on January 6, 1945. Their marriage produced six children: George Walker Bush (born 1946), Pauline Robinson Bush (“Robin”, 1949–1953, died of leukemia), John Ellis “Jeb” Bush (born 1953), Neil Mallon Bush (born 1955), Marvin Pierce Bush (born 1956), and Dorothy Bush Koch (born 1959).

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