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Gabby Douglas Mother Filed for Bankruptcy This Year

Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas bankruptcy

Gabby Douglas may be a winner, but she’s no rich girl. She was actually a poor girl before the 2012 Olympics. According to TMZ, her mother filed for bankruptcy a few months ago. Natalie Hawkins filed for Chapter 13 as her assets total $163,706.10 and debt totaling $79,754.14.

Her creditors include:

Capital One: $1,534

Student loan: $4,350.23

Sprint: $158.78

T-Mobile: $413

Orthodontist in Iowa: $408

At the same time, Hawkins has agreed to o a monthly payment plan. She began making payments of $408/month back in February.

Thanks God Gaby has won the gold medal which earned her millions of dollars.

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