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Is Eva Mendes Pregnant?

Eva Mendes pregnant

Eva Mendes pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby?

We are happy to announce you that Eva Mendes is still dating Ryan Gosling. Actually they are going strong since she was seen walking George, Ryan Gosling‘s Mohawked dog.

The actress went to get her hair done and picked up some food.

George joined her like a child. Isn’t this dog a nice guy? The fact that George and Eva are getting along so great means they spend a lot of time together. That means Eva spends a lot of time with Ryan. Maybe they spent too much time together doing God knows what because Eva may be pregnant.

Wait, we don’t say that she is. But judging from the outfits she wears lately it could be. The other day she was seen hiding her body with a huge grocery bag. Now she is seen wearing a loose orange dress. Also, she hasn’t been seen in public in a while. In this case, pregnancy might explain why she and Ryan dropped off the radar for a while.

So far no one has commented on the issue.

38-year-old Eva began dating 31-year-old Ryan in September 2011. Previously she dated George Augusto from 2002 to 2010.

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