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Eric Johnson Forces Jessica Simpson to Lose Weight!

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Is Jessica Simpson too fat for her boyfriend? According to the National Enquirer, Eric Johnson gave the singer an ultimatum to lose weight or he’s breaking up with her.

Jessica is 5-foot-3 and 150-pound. And that’s just because she loves Mexican food, margaritas and “anything fried”.
“And now it looks like her weight gain is ripping them apart!” one insider told the newspaper. “He is in tip-top shape and feels like Jessica is letting herself go. They’ve recently had some brutal fights, and finally Eric basically told Jess if she didn’t lose weight soon, he was calling the whole thing off. Eric is a vegan. He exercises daily and counts every calorie”, the source added.
Eric proposed to Jessica last November after dating her for six months.

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Geraldo said on

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I love that bod

FAYEFURY said on

Monday, February 17th, 2014

yeah....this is all wrong i hate the frickin world and WTF guys your going to propose to someone you only dated six months the hell is wrong with people idc how much money or fame you have you should have enough common sense that is not long enough...i guess marriage to these people is and simple as dating since a divorce cost them nothing and they are so deprived of emotion they don't care about hurting each other at all. Also another thing she is 5'3" and 150lbs really not that isn't fat in fact that is lower than the national average people women are designed to have fat to carry your child and then you ask them to go against here biology and be "skinny" or what fucked up stars consider skinny is so stupid. ON top of all this if you truly love someone (that should be the reason you proposed) then you shouldn't care what they look like it should be about what is inside not on the outside....not saying if she was 500lbs or something then yes help her cause it is her life endangered and you don't want her to die cause you love her and want to be with her. but 150lbs isn't killing anyone anytime soon....

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