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Emma Stone: Jim Carrey Love Message Was Flattering

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Jim Carrey love message was flattering

Here’s the news we have been waiting for so along and it almost slipped away. Emma Stone talked about Jim Carrey‘s love declaration in one interview she gave for New York magazine.

“Right before that video came out, we were at the MTV Movie Awards. Jason Sudeikis hosted … There was like five of us, and we just went on this tangent of talking nice behind Jim Carrey’s back. Jason was talking about how great [Carrey] was when he went to ‘Saturday Night Live’ and how he was just like a comedic genius. Everyone was kind of weighing in, like ‘He’s the best. He’s amazing’. And so when that happened, we all kind of talked to each other like, ‘Weird, that was the guy we were lauding for, like, 30 minutes’. Have you ever done that?’ Just all sat around a table saying nice things about one person? It was the greatest thing. You walk away, and you were just like, That felt so good, to talk about how wonderful someone is”, she told New York.

In the video that Carrey posted on youtube, he told Stone that he would love to have “chubby, freckly babies” with her.
It seems to us that she was flattered to be the object of Carrey’s interest. “We would tell ghost stories by the fire”, he said. He was simply GENIAL and probably (definitely) stone-d!

But, to be honest, we expected more from her. First of all she waited too long to react. That only makes us believe she only did it because she was asked to and suddenly she thought this would make an interesting topic. Also, she could have gone on youtube as well. Going along with Jim Carrey’s joke would have been like being almost as funny as he was.

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