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Demi Moore Airbrushed For W Magazine’s Cover!

Airbrushed Demi Moore

Unfortunately even Demi Moore has to be airbrushed. The actress who’s on the cover of W magazine, looks photoshopped to the point where her hip seems abnormally small comparing with the rest of her body as if a section of her right thigh between the folds of green dress material appears to have a chunk of flesh missing. If you look closely to the picture you can see that a part of her thigh appears to have been digitally removed from the cover. According to, W magazine claimed any retouching was done in-house by the staff of photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.
“The photographers did not do anything unusual or out of the ordinary on Demi Moore for the photo on the cover of W. Demi is an extraordinary beautiful woman and we feel our cover reflects that’, a spokesperson for W magazine declared. No Twitter comments have been made by the actress yet.

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