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Courtney Stodden Plays Sexy Tennis

Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden tennis is the newest sexy sport

Let’s talk about Courtney Stodden again! Did you miss her? No, you didn’t, because she is everywhere. This new Kim Kardashian (less styled and without a mentor mother) would do anything to get our attention.

Because her only special thing is her body and the way her face looks with makeup (meaning old), this is what she reveals. In a new series of sexy photos, the 17-year-old teen bride is seen getting into the Wimbledon spirit by playing tennis in another barely-there outfit.

Stodden is wearing  a cleavage-happy white bikini top in the set. She matched the outfit with a pair of high platform heels and and a white miniskirt.

She streaked a few suggestive poses, including one in which she can be seen resting a tennis ball right below her cleavage.

The tennis photos are just a small example of what Stodden can do. Previously she was pictured on the beach in a tiny bikini, she and her husband Dough Hutchison played The Lady and The Trump and so on. Everything she does is “oversexualized”.

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