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Coco Flaunts Voluptuous Bikini Body in Miami

I Thought, I Thought I saw Coco‘s Bikini Body! I did, I did!

Coco's bikini body

Coco's bikini body

Coco wants to get her husband excited everywhere. Ice T’s wife revealed her bikini body while vacationing in Miami over the weekend.

Coco was wearing a tiny two pieces animal print bikini which revealed her voluptuous body. Her breasts are so big, her derriere is so much bigger than J.Lo.’s. The problem is that cellulite which she seems proud of. Otherwise why would someone reveal it in front of everybody on the beach?

But we guess it takes a lot of self confidence to do that, and it looks like Coco has it. Good for her because it’s this confidence which makes her appealing. We bet Ice T loves her body. If you don’t believe it, just watch their show ‘Ice Loves Coco’. It’s all there.

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S G said on

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Jesus, shallow much? Cellulite is a pretty natural thing and if you're past 20, the mark of a real woman. If it was horrendous I could understand but it's minimal, and I'd wager she's most likely got a better body than the author's previous and/or current partner! If I had a partner with a body like that - cellulite and all - I'd be incredibly proud of her.

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