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Claire Perry: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant

Claire Perry

Claire Perry Kate Middleton is pregnant

People can say crazy things! British Member of Parliament Claire Perry, for example, says that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

“I think Kate Middleton is pregnant and that would be good for the economy”, the U.K. Daily Telegraph quotes Perry as telling a crowd of 250 during a Friday event at Marlborough College Summer School.

The news is, of course, not true. 30-year-old Kate showed off her svelte figure in the past days. No sign of pregnancy!

So we have no idea why would Perry say such thing. Plus, “that would be good for the economy”? Come on! How can you be so gross? Is this woman a mother? Yes, according to Wikipedia, she has three children. How can a mother talk in such terms about a baby?

Royal observer Ingrid Seward told the newspaper Perry’s remarks about the duchess are “very unhelpful”.

Kate and her husband, Prince William will embark on an Asia-Pacific tour in September.

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