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Christina Aguilera Photoshopped in Royal Desire Ad

Christina Aguilera Photoshopped

Christina Aguilera Photoshopped in Royal Desire ad

Did you see Christina Aguilera lately? Of course you did, and of course you know she’s no longer the skinny girl she used to be several years ago.

Well, someone should tell her that we know how she looks. There’s no need for her to hide of use Photoshop. Recently, the 31-year-old singer said she felt happy with her body.

Even two years ago, Christina’s figure was fuller than back in the days. Well she looked very thin for her fragrance, Royal Desire 2010. The advert shows Christina wearing a pale pink strapless dress, with her hair worn short and curled in the style of Marilyn Monroe. But she looks way too thin.

Not only was she airbrushed, but there are several instances in which her body is anatomically incorrect. The most obvious is her wrist , to the left of the frame. They probably tried to slim-down the entire arm. But after that, the retoucher had trouble with the joint. Once he slimmed-down her arm, it somehow became too long and awkwardly bent.

Now the other arm has been made to look as though there are two different elbow points. But the effect is not too good.
Her face had to suffer as well. “The chin’s been sculpted, but then someone couldn’t figure out how to make it look normal where the shoulder meets the neck, so it just turned into a valley of shadow”, writer Dodai Stewart  explained.

These days, Christina has a long, sometimes pink hair and she’s just as curvy as two years ago. Here’s the proof:

Christina Aguilera body in early 2011 / October 2012

Christina Aguilera body in early 2011 / October 2012

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