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Britney Spears Hunts Men from Modeling Catalogues

Britney Spears

When it comes to men, Britney Spears has no time to waste. Dumped by her agent, Jason Trawick, the singer tries to fill her time with fresh men. And what better place to find new men, but a modeling catalogue? See how desperate she is!?
The ‘Lucky’ singer picked up a catalogue from a modeling agency and felt for a handsome Ford male model named Bekim Trenova. Then, all she needed was a reason to meet the man! So the 27 years old mother of two, invented an ‘audition’ for a music video in LA and invited Bekim to participate.
Only that 24 years old model was not interested in Britney once he understood that the ‘audition’ was more for a date than for a music video.
“When he got there, there was no camera crew. There was just Britney. She was looking sexy. She made it pretty clear that she was less interested in hiring him than in dating him. Bekim found the whole scene very weird. He was polite but not interested. He made some excuse to get out of there”, an insider revealed for The NY Daily News.

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Robert said on

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Britney, I am also a male model, a lot better looking than Bekim. I am 6 Ft, 3 inch. I modeled for lot of different agencies. I will gladly take you out, it would be my treat. Anytime, any place.

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