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Brandi Glanville Wants Eddie Cibrian’s Money and Her Kids Away from LeAnn Rimes!

Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian in their wedding day

When a woman gets upset she wants revenge. And what better revenge than taking the man’s money? This is what Brandi Glanville wants from ex husband Eddie Cibrian after the divorce. Brandi did her homework and found out that Eddie is making $60,000 a week for ‘CSI: Miami.’ That means $ 240,000 a month! According to E!, Brandi filed a demand for $49,000 a month from Eddie, which includes household bills, groceries, child care, $3,000 for clothes. An upset and dumped woman needs to dress up appropriately so she can find a new daddy for the kids, right?
Aside from the monthly support, Glanville wants $50,000 for legal fees and to be the only one allowed to use their house. Meaning that Eddie has to ask for her permission before coming over. She also needs Eddie’s new address so she can approve their sons’ overnight visits. And of course those “overnights” have to be when LeAnn Rimes is not around. “I don’t want Leann to meet my kids. I don’t think it is the right time. It is way too soon. They’re already so confused as it is”, she declared for E1 News. Obviously Brandi found out that Eddie wants LeAnn to meet his kids, 6-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Jake.

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