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Bill Clinton: George Clooney Should Play Me

Bill Clinton George Clooney

Bill Clinton George Clooney should play me

No one is making a movie about Bill Clinton‘s life, but the former U.S. president is casting, just in case. Clinton thinks that the perfect actor to play him is George Clooney. Clinton had an interview with Piers Morgan in which he revealed he would choose Clooney over Brad Pitt.

The reason? Pitt is “too good looking”. That must have bothered Clooney a little bit. It’s like saying Pitt is better looking than Clooney which is true, but you can’t say it that obviously.

Clinton also believes that a few changes in Clooney’s look would make the bachelor look like him. The magic trick would be the “bulbous things on his nose”, right?

As for his wife, Hillary Clinton, she should be played by Meryl Streep.

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