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Beyonce Buys Jay-Z a Private Jet for Father’s Day

Bombardier Challenger 850

Beyonce Fathers Day gift for Jay Z: a private jet

Over the weekend, Jay-Z celebrated his first Father’s Day. He must have been proud! As if having a beautiful daughter wasn’t enough, his wife Beyonce had to make him a huge present. The 30-year-old singer bought her baby daddy a private jet.

According to MediaTakeOut bought Jay-Z a brand new Bombardier Challenger 850. The price? $40 Million! The jet is more like a flying hose. It has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms!

Every time when we hear this kind of stuff we can’t stop wondering whether if they are true. Then, if this is true: are we living in the same world with these people? Because we know people who can afford paying for their own meal every day. Talking about equality! Just saying!

Beyonce and 42-year-old Jay-Z welcomed their first and only child Blue Ivy this year on January 7. The couple began dating in 2002 and became married in 2008.

Beyonce is not the only celebrity who buy an expensive gift for her partner. Angelina Jolie gave fiance Brad Pitta helicopter a few months ago.

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