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Alec Baldwin Wants Hilaria Thomas Babies

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas

Alec Baldwin wants Hilaria Thomas babies

Alec Baldwin has had enough of the showbiz life. The 54-year-old actor just wants to settle down and have his fiancee Hilaria Thomas‘ babies.

“I keep telling my future wife that I want her to get rich because I want to retire. She teaches yoga. I want her to become the world’s first billionaire yoga teacher”, the actor joked during an interview with WonderWall at the L.A. premiere of ‘Rock of Ages’ June 8.

“I want to have a baby and stay home and make the pancakes before I send my wife out to work every day to pay the bills”, the actor added.

Alec has even a plan on how to rise his future child. “I’ll say to our child, ‘Don’t cry. Mommy has to go to work. Mommy’s a very important yoga teacher. Daddy’s here to take you to the park’. I’ve got it all planned out”, he said.

So Alec wants to retire from acting. But wait, he may run against New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg in the next election. So mommy is an yoga instructor, while daddy is a mayor. Who will rise the child? Anyway, he’s got all planned out! But let’s tell you a seceret: the whole pancakes making is just a joke. That Emmy Award he earned for his role in ’30 Rock’ brought Alec enough money to take care of her family. He was just saying!

Alec and 28-year-old Hilaria Thomas became engaged in April. Alec Baldwin is already a father to 16-year-old daughter Ireland with former wife Kim Basinger.

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